logics The Cloud CRM Solution!

Logics wants to simplify our busy life, so we all can have a little more time to ourself:

A little more time to spent with the family, the new born baby, that little puppy you just adapted or my new Jet Ski I recently bought from craigslist.

How you asked:

By managing your leads and sales team.

Managing your backend and services.

Automation of your billing and invoicing.

Applying your business rules and Service Level Agreements.

Integrating with your phone system, fax, email, esign, sms and document managment system.

By helping you provide high quality service to your clients with a modest price. After all we might need your help for getting that loan we need for our new office ;)

Do you run a sales floor with 5 or more sales guys to sale Tax Resolution, Student Loan Relief or other legal services? Give Rob a call at 866.386-2444 . He might be able to make it easier for you!

Designed {with love} in Chicago!